Direct daughter of the great Baldridge Isabel Y69

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WFC JSM Isabel 550


  • This beautiful female by Baldridge Download Z013 stems back to the legendary Baldridge Isabel Y69 who is more widely known as the mother of the $580,000 Baldridge Colonel C251 the record selling bull for the Baldridge Brothers through the 2017 spring sale.
  • Maternal sister, Baldridge Isabel C235 was the $320,000 one-half interest for a $640,000 valuation top-selling female of the 2017 Spruce Mountain Ranch Annual Production Sale going to Express Ranches of Yukon, OK, and she produced the $157,500 selection of Mile High Angus as the record selling bull of the 2016 Baldgride Sale and an array of other past top-selling features.
  • She is the direct daughter of Baldridge Isabel Y69 who has a tremendous phenotype and stems from this great Isabel family.

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