Powerful Calving Ease (1%) and strong carcass traits.

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EXAR Evergreen 3912


  • Evergreen 3912 is a powerful calving-ease and carcass female blending the Accelerated Genetics leader, Ten X, with a dam combining the foundation Express Ranches sires, Franchise and New Look.
  • Evergreen 3912 posts a BR1@99, a WR 1@99 and a YR 1@101 while carrying ultrasound ratios IMF 5@104 and REA 5@100. The dam of Evergreen 3912 balances a BR 5@96 with a YR 3@100 while showing ultrasound ratios IMF 10@116 and REA 10@104.
  • Full sisters include: Evergreen 3924, the $20,000 selection of Angus Hill in the 2014 Spruce Mountain Sale; and Evergreen 3919 a feature of the 2013 Big Event now working in Silveira Brothers program.

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