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SLC Elsiemere 9003

– featured heifer at National Finals Angus Sale –  Dec 8, 2019

AAA #19560633  EPD info  info >          $B   220      1%

2019 High-Sellers / New Donors

  • Blackcap 7225 sold for $85,000 @ 2019 Spruce Mountain Sale
  • Spruce Mtn Isabel 9096 by sire Hoover No Doubt
  • Linz Lady Col 202-8403 by Baldridge Colonel (grandma RB Landy Standard 305-02)
  • Linz Lady Res 3113-9883 sired by SAV President





  • Improve herd quality
  • Realize a greater return on investment
  • Target attributes such as rate of gain, marbling, calving ease, & carcass weight
  • Raised in open pastures on native grass (no special feeding regimen)
  • Sound footed animals with good work ethic
  • Good foragers with udder quality, structural soundness, excellent fleshing, & solid fertility
  • Easily integrate in to new herds in commercial environments

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Proven Cow Families

The female stock for our SLC breeding program come from some of the country’s highest quality foundation genetics producers.  We continually seek cows that can improve the carcass traits and produce quality calves through proven inheritable genetics.   Our  LADY, BLACKCAP and ISABEL cow families are proven producers of exceptional heifers and bulls.              Check out our exceptional  HERD SIRES  >>>  

RB Lady Complete 890-3189


EPD info >

Now deceased Dam of the $210,000 valued Linz Lady President 3189-9221.

Dam of Linz Lady Excitement 6172 that sold for $105,000 at the 2017 Linz inaugural sale.

Look for SLC Linz Southern Charm 8780 (#19443124) at the National Western Stock Show  & Angus Bull Sale – Jan 2020

Linz Lady Col 202-8403


EPD info >

This elite daughter of Baldridge Colonel C251 combines two of the greatest Angus cows known.

8430’s maternal granddam is the incredible RB Lady Standard 305-02.  Her paternal granddam is the tremendous Baldridge Isabel Y69.  You would spend a lifetime to find another female that excels as an individual with this kind of power in her pedigree.

Spruce Mtn Isabel 9096


EPD info >

Out of the great Baldridge Isabel C270.  The current stand out donor for Spruce Mtn and full sibling to the $580,000 Baldridge Colonel C251.

9096 blends the popular sire Hoover No Doubt with the famous Isabel Y69 cow.

We are excited to see the future development of the outstanding individual.

Spruce Mtn Blackcap 4018


EPD info >

Proving to be an elite donor.  Dam of the Aug 2017 Spruce Mtn daughter, Blackcap 7225 valued at $85,000.

Linz Lady Pres 3113-9883


EPD info >

This outstanding daughter of the $750,000 world record selling bull SAV President 6847, out of the standout producing dam RB Lady Identity 02-3113

SMR Henrietta Pride 8511


EPD info >

This beautifully made female is out to of the popular, now deceased, Spring Cove RENO 4021 and $340,000 valued Vintage Henrietta Pride 5010.

8511 is the phenotypical and genomic total package.

SD Lady 4114-7269


EPD info >

SLC selection and the sale graduate of the 2017 Nile Female Sale.  This tremendous female has produced an excellent heifer calf consigned to the 2019 Nile Angus Female Sale (Lot 46)  – Oct 2019

Looking for NEW genetics that can produce top quality cattle for your commercial operations?

Standout SIRESMarda BLACKSMITH 683  & RAMBUNCTIOUS 6423 are currently featured at ORIgen as a top semen prospects for the Rocky Mountain Region. HERD SIRES  >>>  

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