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Southard Ranches is your source for genetically superior registered Black Angus seed stock in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our herd is built on our dedication to strong, well-balanced herd sires.   We strive to combined outstanding genetic profiles which result in reproducible carcass traits and excellent quality beef.  Our proven cow family donors, and exceptional bull lineup provides producers excellent opportunities to create profitable, high premium cattle regardless of location.

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Rocky Mountain Region STANDOUT !

Marda Blacksmith 683

Birthdate: 01-13-2016

Bull 18460820

Tattoo: 683

Rocky Mountain Region STANDOUT !

Rambunctious 6423

 Birthdate: 08-04-2016

Bull *18766852

Tattoo: 6423

SD Tour OF Duty 5702 W

 Birthdate: 12-23-2015

Bull *18599266

Tattoo: 5702

Welytok Mr All American 5C31

 Birthdate: 05-25-2015

Bull +18128767

Tattoo: 5C31

Marda Blacksmith


Our herd sires come from some of the most sought after producers including QH Rampage, Connealy Black Granite, RB Tour Of Duty, and WR Journey.

Marda BLACKSMITH 683  and RAMBUNCTIOUS 6423 are currently featured at ORIgen as a top semen prospect.

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>>  Marda BLACKSMITH 683 


Cattle are raised in open pastures on native grass (no special feeding regimen).  This approach produces sound footed animals with good work ethic. Southard Ranches cattle are easily integrated into new herds in the commercial environment.

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